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The best work teams are the ones that structure themselves the right way, know how to communicate and interact with one another.

Motivation, participation, organization, commitment, and trust are our pillars to offer you one of the bests experiences in the Costa Brava All this will be transferred to you with attitude and the best of smiles. Our biggest satisfaction is to achieve your enjoyment in the activity, making it easy to make you happy.

Get to Know Our Team

Ivan López
I am a sea lover, and I want to transmit my passion to people who want to discover the Costa Brava. After many years of sailing and professional work, I can offer a different experience to all those who wish to visit our coast.


RBC is a novel enterprise, created in 2017, born from the combination of: years of experience in different maritime fields, the traditional knowledge acquired during years of navigating in this coastline and the passion for the sea. Located in Port Marina Palamós, has a total of 19 boats with optimal conditions for sailing, 14 of them suitable for customers without qualifications, the largest fleet of the Costa Brava, to facilitate this experience can be enjoyed by everyone.

RBC aims to offer the boat rental experience to all types of public to explore incredible beaches, coves, and corners of the Costa Brava strong. We offer you to enjoy the itineraries and routes of this magnificent coastline that you will never forget. The public is what endorses us. More than half of families, friends and boating enthusiasts have either repeated or recommended our company. The loyalty of our customers is the best proof of the satisfaction of living this experience with us. Check it out on our profiles and social networks.